December 2014
Cindy Cuba Clements

Opening Reception Friday Dec 5th. 6:00 - 8:30pm
Show runs until Dec 31st. 2014

Artist Statement

Art for me is an exhilarating process that allows for an intersection of expression and discovery, both of which are equally important. The discovery is the fun part. It is the exploration of how medium affects the paint, how textures add interest to the canvas. It is playing with color and line, the adding to and subtracting from a piece.

The element of expression is harder, yet essential. It is the communication of feeling and mood -- it is they way in which the artist truly conveys her self. When my feelings are on the surface and accessible, this is easy. I have series of paintings in response to times of loss, worry and transition. Other times I work to engage my emotions: poetry, music, meditation, and very often the newspaper generate a response. Sometimes these literal inspirations are included as a ground, or under layer, of a painting. My canvases’ many layers reflect their emotional history.

Much of my latest work is very energetic and explores space -- how the strokes of paint create an illusion of space on the canvas, and how the canvas relates to the wall around it. By adding an imperfect border in white, I have experimented with creating a sense of erasure and transforming the painting into a shape other than square or rectangle. Not only does this break up the perfect rectangle, but it seems to allow the shapes to float off the canvas. In other works, large gestural strokes give the appearance of floating in front of a receding background. These paintings are largely playful and engaging, meant to draw the viewer into relating with the work.

My work as an artist could hardly be more different than my previous career as an attorney. This work has few rules and when done right (in my book), is very, very messy. It is never certain what will be revealed in this process, how all the elements will come together. As my late father-in-law would say, “That is the beauty of it.”